One recording of
The Steamboat
The Tenpenny Bit

The Steamboat (jig) is also known as A Prayer Is Better Than A Tune, Bon Voyage, Monsieur Dumollet, Is Fear Paidir Na Port, Minion, The Minion, The Scotch Lancers, The Steamboat March, The Steamboat Quickstep, Uncle Jim, Uncle Jim’s, The Washington Quickstep March, The Washington Quickstep.

The Tenpenny Bit (jig) is also known as 10 Penny Bit, Billy’s Awake, The Little Drummers, Ten Penney Bit, The Ten Penny Bit, The Three Little Drummer Boys, The Three Little Drummers.

Rothbury Hills: Pipes Of Northumberland by Jack Armstrong / Billy Conroy

  1. The Tenpenny Bit
  2. Operetta Quadrille
  3. The Liverpool
  4. The Steamboat