Oogly Googly reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Oogly Googly
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|:Addc d3c|Acdc AGFE|Addc d2df|ec c/c/c acgc|
Addc d2df|ec c/c/c acgc|a2^ga fedf|efge fdd2:|
a3e fede|ecgc acgc|a2^ga fedf|edcB AddA|
a3e fede|ecgc acgc|Acde fede|fage fdgd|
a2^ga fedf|ec c/c/c acgc|a2^ga fedf|edcB AddA|
d3a fedf|ecgc acgc|Acde fede|fage fedc||

Four comments

Transposed to B min

A piper’s version
|: FBBA ~B3A | FABA FEDE | FBBA ~B3d | cA A/A/A fAeA |
FBBA ~B3d | cA .A/.c/.A fAeA | f2^ef dcBd | cdec dBB2 :|
f3c dcBA | cAeA fAeA | f2^ef dcBd | cBAG FBBF |
f3c dcBA | cAeA fAeA | FABc dcBc | dfec dBeB |
f2^ef dcBd | cA A/A/A fAeA | f2^ef dcBd | cBAG FBBF |
B3f dcBd | cAeA fAeA | FABc dcBc | dfec dcBA ||