Aggie’s Cauldron jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Aggie's Cauldron
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: E2 B BAB| BdB BAF| E2 B BAB| BdB A2 B|
e2 e efe| efe dBA| e2 e efe| dBA B2 A|
e2 e efe| efe dBA| dcB BAF| FED E3 :|
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Aggie’s Cauldron

I’m reluctant to post an original tune, but I’m just curious if I have the the abc notation correct. It seemed okay when I "back translated" it to dots.

I’m also curious to get a little constructive criticism. I have left it plain and without ornamentation (not sure how to add that in abc notation anyways),

The tune’s name came about rather interestingly……Aggie is a cat and the cauldron her water dish - she loves water and is constantly playing with the water dish. It was about Halloween/Samhain when the tune just sort of came to me as I was practicing others. I’m hoping I just didn’t lob off pieces of other existing tunes that just stuck in my head and put them together to make this one. Definitaly not my intent 🙂 If the later is the case, from what tunes do the pieces come from?!

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Aggie’s Cauldron

I should add, the tune was written while playing mandolin, not sure how it will work with other instruments (sounds okay on harp). I’d love to hear it with ornamentations on fiddle! I think it’s one that can be easily played at a pretty good clip.

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Not at all bad.I think it is in E minor not D major however.

Thanks -
Darn - I always seem to get the key signatures mixed up! Thanks for the correction!

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