Liten Karen mazurka

Also known as Hambo, Liten Karin, Little Karen.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Liten Karen
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:D>F A>^G A>B|A2 F2- F>E|D>F d>c d>e|d2 c4|
E>F G>F G>A|G2 E4|A>B c>d c>B|A2 F2- F>E|
D>F A>^G A>B|(3ABA F2 E2|D>F d>c d>e|d2 c2- c>e|
d>c B2- B>d|c>B A2- A>d|c>B A>G F>E|D2 D4:|
|:A>d f2 f2|A>d f2 f2|f2 (3efe d2|d2 c2- c>e|
d>c B2- B>d|c>B A2- A>^G|A>B c>d c>B|(3ABA F4|
A>d f2 f2|A>d f2 f2|f2 (3efe d2|d2 c2- c>e|
d>c B2- B>d|c>B A2- A>d|c>B A>G F>E|D2 D4:|

Five comments

"Liten Karen" / "Little Karen" ~ a hambo from Sweden

And yes, it did get some air time in Ireland, and I have this vague recollection that Jackie Daly and the Maguire brothers, Manus and Seamus, played this too, and I have played this with the another Maguire, Jim, brother to Sean. It’s a kick, a great tune to rock and roll. I gather some folks have a third part for it, but I’ve never played more than two and have learned it from more than one source. This is as best I can remember it, it coming up in a session tonight for some reason.

No, not really a mazurka, but with that swing and beat, 1 and 3, it is closer to a mazurka than to a waltz, so I’ve slid it in here. It’s also often played up a 4th, in G. I also sometimes take the B-part up in places too, for example ~

|: A>d f2 f2 | A>d f2 f2 | f2 (3efe (3ded | d2 c2- c>e |
d>c B2 (3Bcd | c>B A4 | A>B c>d c>B | (3ABA F2 E2 |
A>d f2 f>d | A>d f>A f>d | (3fgf (3efe d2 | d2 c4 |
d>c B2- B>d | c>B A4 | c>B A>G F>E | D6 :|

And as I was thanking folks for their contributions over here ~

Discussion: "An Ghaoth Andheas" / "The South Wind" paired up with ~ ???
# Posted on February 28th 2011 by ceolachan

I discovered this tune was not here, so now it is, though some will think it shouldn’t be, no doubt. I remember playing this one around a campfire, I believe it was Clare, and this amazing Swedish fiddler, a young fella, telling me he was going to give up Swedish fiddling and concentrate on Irish. I lept across the fire and gave him a great shake, something along the lines of, expletives deleted, that his passion for Irish was fine, but that he shouldn’t sacrafice what he’d already had deep in his soul, that both passions could exist in the one heart… He was amazing, and no doubt, here’s hoping, he’ll have done both traditions proud…

This also gets play in G ~
|: G>B d>^c d>e | d2 B4 | G>B g>f g>a | (3gag f4 | ~

Nice tune!

I just played it threw, it’s a sweet little thing! 🙂
Good thing you gave that man a throttling, there’s some fantastic Scandinavian fiddle music out there, Swedish included!

CD: "Speldosan: Nordic Homespun" ~ track 4

I’m glad you like it. I have a really old transcription of this somewhere and went looking for it before submitting my memory. I’ll keep looking and if I find it I’ll add it here, to see if my memory holds it together or not. I did find a commercial transcription for it, close enough, but not one I particularly liked, so I’ll leave off mentioning that other source… I know I’ve others, including the one mentioned, and I’ll eventually find it and add it here. I did find a recording and what I’ve given here is very close to one made on Seattle’s Viking label by the group "Speldosan", with Irene Myers and others, back in1986…

~ | c>B A<G F<E | D6 :|
The entry just above this may have been when the ‘lesser than’ sign (<) was causing some problems? The heading here now shows the intended snaps (<)…