Three recordings of
Tripping Up The Stairs
The Tar Road To Sligo

Tripping Up The Stairs (jig) is also known as The Cocoon, Paddy O’Flaherty, Plains Of Kilkorkery, The Plains Of Kilkorkery, The Pride Of Kildare, Roscabury, Sacho’s, Sacko’s, Sackos, Sackow’s, Sackows, The Syracuse, Trippin’ Up The Stairs, Tripping Up Stairs.

The Tar Road To Sligo (jig) is also known as An Bóthar Mór So Sligeach, An Bóthar Tarra Go Sligeach, The Coach Road To Sligo, Coleman’s, The Green Fields Of Ardkiernan, The High Road To Sligo, The Humors Of The Whiskey, The Road To Sligo.

Judique On The Floor by Buddy MacMaster

  1. Jackson’s Trip To Augrim
  2. Tripping Up The Stairs
  3. The Tar Road To Sligo
  4. Swinging On Home

Live at Finnegan's Wake by The Ned Devines

  1. The Tar Road To Sligo
  2. Out On The Ocean
  3. Tripping Up The Stairs

The Orkney Sessions From The Ayre Hotel by Various Artists

  1. Paddy Clancy’s
  2. The Tar Road To Sligo
  3. The Irish Washerwoman
  4. Tripping Up The Stairs