Woodland Revels reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Woodland Revels
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
[|E3c B4|E3c B4|c2c2e2c2|B8|
E3c B4|E3c B4|A2B2c2^c2|d4D4|
E3c B4|E3c B4|c2c2e2c2|B8|
c2c2B4|c2c2B4|Bc BA G2F2|E4D4|
G3e d4|G3e d4|B2B2c2B2|A2e2e4|
A3B c4|A3Bc4|c2c2B2A2|G2e2d4|
B3c d4|B3c d4|B2B2c2B2|A2e2e4|
e2c2e2c2|d2B2d2B2|dc BA GF GA|B2d2g2fe|]
[|d2d4cd|e2d2B2G2|E G2E G2A2|B8|
d2d4cd|e2d2B2G2|E A2E A2B2|A2F2E2D2|
d2d4cd|e2d2B2G2|E G2E G2A2|B4G4|

Three comments

Woodland Revels

Great ragtime tune from Flowers and Frolics, where it was paired with Bill Bailey

Woodland Revels

No, Flowers & Frolics paired Woodland Revels with Alexander’s Rag Time Band

Nice setting!

I can remember when this tune was very popular with the ceilidh bands in my area. It was used for a dance called: "Twelve Meet".

I’ve found a few settings of the tune on the Internet - but your setting is the best one that I’ve seen! 🙂