Billy’s reel

By John McCusker

Also known as Billy’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Billy's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
c3 c cBAc|BF (3FFF EFAB|cefe afec|B2 BA Befe|
c3 c cBAc|BF (3FFF EFAB|cefe afec|BABc AB (3BBB|
c3 c cBAc|BF (3FFF EFAB|(3cBA ce a3 f|ec (3ccc Befe|
c3 c cBAc|BF (3FFF EFAB|cefe afec|BABc Aefe|
a3 a afea|f3 f fecB|ABce fecA|B2 BA Befe|
a3 a afea|f2 fe fecB|ABce afec|BABc Aefe|
a3 a afea|f2 fe fecB|(3cBA ce a3 A|A2 cA Befe|
c3 c cBAc|BF (3FFF EFAB|cefe afec|BABc A4|
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Billy’s Reel

I’m not usually a fan of tunes in A major, - Chris Norman once described it as a “weak” key on the flute - but I do like this one. It was composed in the last 10 years. Anyone care to take a guess as to the composer’s name, where it is recorded,and who “Billy” is ?

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Composer does play accordion, but it’s not his main instrument. Good try, though, Paddy

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Composed by John McCusker, for “Billy Connolly’s Musical Tour Of New Zealand” series of TV programmes in 2004. Michael McGoldrick plays it on flute, along with John and some others on the CD.

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