Retour Des Hirondelles waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Retour Des Hirondelles
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
(3EF^F|:"C"G^FGcBc|e^deg^fg|a2 zaa2|a3 E F^F|G^FGcBc|e^deg^fg|
"G7"a2zaa2|a3A de|fefgfe|d^cded=c|B2zbb2|b4B_B|A2zaa2|a4A_A|
"C"G2zgg2|g4 (3EF^F|G^FGcBc|e^deg^fg|a2zaa2|a6|"A7"A^GA^c^Bc|
"G7"G^FGB^AB|e4d2|1 "C"cEGceg|c'zz2 (3EF^F:|2 "C"cEGceg|c' z zG^FG|
"G7"fGeGdG|fGeGdG|1 "C"(3cdc Bceg|c' z zG^FG:|2 (3cdc Bceg|c'zz2c2||
K: F
"F7"g6|f6|"Bb"f6|"Bbm"f2g2b2|"F"a6|"C7"g6|"F"(f6|f) cdefg||
"F"(3afc (3afc (3afc|"Ab" (3_af_c (3afc (3afc|"C7"(3geB (3geB (3geB|(3geB (3^feB (3geB|
(3aec (3aec (3aec|(3geB (3geB (3geB|"F"(3fcA (3fcA (3fcA|(3fcA (3ecA (3fcA|
(3gcA (3gcA (3gcA|"Abm"(3f_c_A (3fcA (3fcA|"C7"(3eBG (3eBG (3eBG|(3dBG (3dBG (3dBG|
(3cGE (3cGE (3cGE|(3d^GE (3dGE (3dGE|"F"(3cAF (3cAF (3cAF|(3AFC (3cAF (3fcA|
(3afc (3afc (3afc|"Abm"(3_af_c (3afc (3afc|"C7"(3geB (3geB (3geB|(3geB (3^feB (3geB|
(3aec (3aec (3aec|"A7"(3g^cA (3gcA (3gcA|"Dm"(3fdA (3fdA (3fdA|(3fdA (3edA (3fdA|
"F7"(3g_eA (3geA (3geA|(3f_eA (3feA (3feA|"Bb"(3fdB (3fdB (3fdB|"Bbm"(3f_dB (3gdB (3bfd|
"F"(3afc (3afc (3afc|"C7"(3geB (3geB (3geB|"F"(3fef (3a^ga (3c'=bc'|f'zz2z2||

Six comments

Retour des hirondelles

I know that this isn’t really an Irish tune, but there was a discussion about playing French waltzes on the B/C accordion, and I now that Sharon Shannon made a recording of this waltz, and saw that it wasn’t yet uploaded. So this is my effort. I might add some more chord details later, if I get the time.

I think Sharon Shannon learned it from Dermot Byrne. And Mairtin O’Connor used to play a few musette waltzes

Re: Retour Des Hirondelles


I finally subscribed, partly to add the comment that this tune is attributable and is as far as I know by Benjamino (Blackie) Pagnao and Robert Trognée.

Lovely to dance to. Thank you for the ABC formating.

Cheers, John (‘JD’)