Norwegian polka

Also known as Ringnes Reinlender, Ringnesin.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Norwegian
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:DF/4E/4D/ AA|D/F/A/d/ ff|g/>f/e/>d/ c/<B/A|c/>B/ A/<F/ G/>F/E/>F/|
DF/4E/4D/ AA|D/F/A/d/ ff|g/>f/e/>d/ c/>A/B/>c/|1 dd d2:|2 dd d/e/=f/g/||
K: Dmin^c
|:a2 g2|fe/d/ cA|f/g/a/g/ fe/d/|c/d/e/d/ c/A/f/g/|
a2 g2|fe/d/ cA|f/g/a/g/ fe/d/|1 c/d/e/c/ d/e/f/g/:|2 c/d/e/c/ d/e/>^f/||
K: Dmaj
|:gB B/>g/f/>e/|fA A/>f/e/>d/|cE/>F/ G/>AB/>c/|dD/>F/ A/>d/e/>f/|
gB B/>g/f/>e/|fA A/>f/e/>d/|cE/>F/ G/>A/B/>c/|1 dd d/e/>f/:|2 dd d2||

Four comments


An Orkney polka adapted from the transcription in the book ‘Traditional Scottish Fiddling’, which is itself from the playing of Tommy Mainland. The book says he picked up the second part of the tune while in Norway on tour with Hugh Inkster.

The main change I made was the key signature for the second part, which is D Harmonic minor (the third falls is all), whereas the book has it as D minor with all the Cs sharped-- thought it might be more readable this way. The other things I changed were the alignment of the bars and the movement of the pick-up notes for the third part into the repeats for both 2nd and 3rd parts for readability’s sake.

Interesting tune! Enjoy!

Oops! Key sig?

I dunno if thesession supports the key signature, but it now that the sheet music is up, it has the B part as K:Dm instead of K:Dm^c. Keep in mind all the ’c’s in the B part are sharp and everything else.

Norwegian (not really polka).

This is known in Orkney as “The Norwegian Polka” but it is a reinlender - usually known as “Ringnesin” or “Ringnes Reinlender” in Norway. It takes its name from Ola Jakobsen Ringneset - “Old Ringnes” - who was a fiddler from Vågå in Nord-Gudbrandsdalen. It’s almost the “Wild Rover” of reinlenders in that part of Norway.

Re: Norwegian

I’ve known this tune for a long time and recently found it in “Northern Frisk” without the B music as Norwegian Hornpipe.
I want to use it in a music workshop so am pleased to find out more about it. I wrote a second part for our band which some may like.

T:Norwegian Hornpipe
B:“Northern Frisk” edited by Jamie Knowles et al (1988)
V:1 gchord=down
|:A>F|“D”D2 (3FED A2A2|D2 (3FED f2f2|“Em”g>f e>d “A7”c>B A>B|“Em”c>B A>G “A7”F2 E2|
“D”D2 (3FED A2A2|D2 (3FED f2f2|“Em”g>f e>d “A7”c>A B>c|“D”d2f2d2 :|
|:“D7”e>f|“G”g2 B2 B>g f>e|“D”f2 A2 A>f e>d|“Em”c2 E>F “A7”G>A B>c|“D”d2d2“D7”d2 e>f|
“G”g2 B2 B>g f>e|“D”f2 A2 A>f e>d|“Em”c2 E>F “A7”G>G F>E|“D”D2 F2 D2:|
|: z2 |F2 (3AGF D2F2 |F2(3AGF A2d2 | e>d c>B A>G F>G| A>G F>E D2 A2 |
F2 (3AGF D2F2|F2(3AGF A2d2 |e>d c>B G2E2 | A2 d2 A2 :|
|: z2 |.B2.G2.G2.B2 | .A2.F2.F2.A2 |E2 C>D E>F G>A |.A2.B2.A2.^A2 |
.B2.G2.G2.B2|.A2.F2.F2.A2|.E2.C2.E2.A2 |.F2.A2 F2 :|