The Three Peaks Of South Uist reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Three Peaks Of South Uist
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|: AeeB d2e2 | AeeA BGGB | AeeB d2e2 | dged BGGB :|
|: A2a2 geea | A2g2 BGGB |[1 A2a2 geea | gedg BGGB :|[2 AeeB d2e2 | dged BGGB ||
|: GBBd d2e2 | dged BGGB |[1 GBBd d2e2 | dgfd feeg :|[2 A2a2 geea | gedg BGGa ||
geeg a2ea | gedg BGGa | geeg a2ea | gedB BAAa |
geeg a2ea | gedg BGGB | AeeB d2e2 | dedB AA A2 ||

Three comments

A great wee pipe tune learned from the playing of Scots based fiddler Patrick Duncan. Play with spirit and passion.

This tune can be found on "Whistlebinkies 3" (Claddagh Records CC34, 1981) where it is credited to John Scott, the same John Scott who composed P.M Jimmy MacGregor & Dolina MacKay? Not 100% sure but it seems highly likely.

I don’t have the Whistlebinkies album and apart from the fiddle I’ve never heard it played on any instrument other than the pipes and even then all too fleetingly.

If anybody can shed further light on this tune or the composer I’d be most grateful.

Must be the same guy

Never heard this tune before in my puff, but a quality find - it’s getting put in the "use these tunes" box.

According to Pekaar:

Duncan Johnstone- Collection Of Pipe Tunes, Volume 1; Helcar Press Limited, Dumbarton, 1978

I suspect John Scott and John MacInnes (Lexy MacAskill) are the same person. If I find out I’ll report back.

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Thats an interesting piece of speculative deduction Calum, I’ll try checking out that angle myself.

You’ll not hear this tune getting played around the sessions, thats for sure and mores the pity. Until I heard it aired by Dikehead & Shots on Glasgow Green a couple of years back I had reckoned that the fiddler mentioned above had actually composed it himself. Fine tune and in the right hands it fairly rocks. It deserves to get played more often, hence why I posted it.

Thanks for the tip and your interest.