Three recordings of
King George IV
Colonel Thornton

King George IV (strathspey) is also known as George IV, George The Fourth, George The IV, King George IV’s, King George IV’s Welcome, King George The Fourth, King George The IV, King George The IVth, The Might Clansmen, The Mighty Clansmen, Rince Garbhchriche Ri Seoirse IV.

Colonel Thornton (reel) is also known as Col. Thornton, Colonel Thornton’s, Colonel Thorton.

Fine Thank You Very Much by Ashley MacIsaac

  1. King George V
  2. The Old King’s
  3. The King’s
  4. Colonel Thornton
  5. King George IV

The Call by Rebecca Lomnicky

  1. King George IV
  2. The Red Crow
  3. The King’s
  4. Colonel Thornton
  5. The Hurricane

The Ceilidh Trail by Howie MacDonald

  1. Sean Maguire’s
  2. The Magnetic
  3. Lady Glenorchy
  4. The Reconciliation
  5. Colonel Thornton
  6. The Old King’s
  7. King George IV
  8. King George IV
  9. The Devil In The Kitchen (Strathspey)
  10. Castle Newe