The Merchant’s Daughter waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Merchant's Daughter
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
EF|G4 FE|B4 BA|F2 E2 E2|E4 EF|
G2 A2 B^c|d4 fe|d2 edBA|B4 EF|
G2 A2 Bc|d4 fe|d2 edBc|d4 e>d|
B2 BA FE|E2 D>E FA|F2 E2 E2|E4|

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The Complete Collection of Irish Music
Part One
George Petrie

Collected from "P. MacDowell Esq. From Skull" (I assume that’s the town of Schull in West Cork.)

Originally notated in F minor, changed to a more fiddle-friendly key (also a key that The Session supports!): Em.

Here’s the original, including grace notes.
X: 1
T: The merchant’s daughter
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
R: Air
K: Fmin
FG|A4 GF|{G}c4 cB|G2 F2 F2|F4 FG|
A2 B2 c=d|e4 gf|e2 fecB|c4 FG|
A2 B2 cd|e4 gf|e2 fecd|e4 f>e|
c2 cB GF|F2 E>F GB|{FA}G2 F2 F2|F4|


Also, I should note that it’s an air rather than a waltz.

From the Mick Hanly album notes

Hanly’s version of the song sounds fairly different from this one, but here’s his notes:
"Words of advice to all eligible young maidens: never slight a young man, be he plumber or prince. There are some interesting images in the lines such as a suitor bringing his suit and sealing his letter with disdain, also rhyming "For if you lightly spurn him, you’ll find him not returning." The tune, Colm says, is almost identical with ‘Cuaichin Ghleann Neifin’ as sung in Connemara."

Here’s the link to Cuaichin Ghleann Neifin ("Little Cuckoo of Glen Nefin"):

Glen Nephin Cuckoo

The version of the air Séamus Ennis played, as he got it from Colm O Cathain, goes a bit less Glenroe on you. It’s nicer.

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