Hop Skip And Jump jig

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X: 1
T: Hop Skip And Jump
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
B |: "A"cBA "D"FAF | "A"~E3 CDE | "D"DEF "A"EAc | edc "E"~B3 |
"A/F#m"cBA FAF | "A"ECA, A,CE | "D"DEF "A"EAc |1 "E"BAG "A"A2 B:|2 "E"BAG "A"Ace||
"D"~f3 agf | "A"ecA ABc | "D"dcB cBA |"E"GBA GFE |
"D"DEF FED | "A"CDE ABc | "D"dcB AGF | "E"EFG "A"Ace |
"D"fAg agf | "A"ecA ABc | "D"dcB "A"cBA |"E"GFE DCB, |
"A"A,B,C "Bm"B,CD | "A"CDE "D"DFE | "D"DEF "A"EAc | "E"BAG "A"A2 ||

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Hop Skip and Jump

Another Linda Relph tune. I wrote this one during the summer of 2010 after I got laid off and had been at home for a few weeks. I needed an A major jig to go with a song, and this is what I came up with. You’ll note the chords are included in the ABC, those are what I hear, especially in the B part. Of course there is always room for substitutions.

FAQs - a minimal consideration too often overlooked

As things get rediculously top heavy with the self-composed, a variant branch of ‘singer-songwriter’? 😏

next - quoted from the FAQs, yet again -

Original Tunes

After reading these wonderful helpful (and encouraging) comments, thank you so much, Ceolachan, I am ready to just delete the original tunes I’ve posted. I am simply trying to share these with people who have asked me for them. However I could not find a DELETE button.
And I would add five trad tunes for each original one, but pretty much all the other tunes I know are already here. As a matter of fact this is one of the best resources there is for finding tunes.
I won’t post any more of my tunes.

tune police

i really appreciate the efforts of the tune police to come in here and denigrate the honest efforts of others

that’s why you will not see my tune settings here…don’t want to get busted by those tune police