Incandescent reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Incandescent
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
AG|:FCA,C FGAB|cfag fdcA|Bdba gfef|gfed cBAG|FCA,C FGAB|
cfag fdcA|1 Bdfb Afed|cBAG F2 AG:|2 Bdfb Acfa|gece f2 ed||
ceg^f gece|fgag fcAc|=Bdgf edc=B|cdcB AGFE|FCA,B, CFAF|
DGBA GFDC|1 B,DFB Acfa|gece f2 ed:|2 B,DFB Afed cBAG F4||

Three comments

Incandescent Reel

This is another tune I wrote while I was living in Dallas back in the 1990s. I played this one night at the old Tipperary Inn sessions, and did not yet have a name for it. Albert Alfonso happened to be there as well, and he blurted out "Incandescent". It seemed the perfect name for it, so that’s what it’s called.
Linda Relph

3rd self-composed tune in a row, and your first three contributions, one day after the other… It is a blessing to be so inspired by music… There is no intended satire in that.

I’d been playing all three and accidentally put comment for here in your first -

"Escher’s Staircase" - jig


Not that it matters, but goodness, I can’t hear that as a reel. Even if it was played really fast, I’d still hear it as a hornpipe.