Three recordings of
Spanish Lady
The Rattlin’ Bog

Spanish Lady (polka) is also known as Belfast City, Dublin City, Galway City, Shanty By The Way, Spanish Ladies, Thady Regan.

The Rattlin’ Bog (polka) is also known as Bog Cotton, The Bog Down In The Valley O’, Bog Down In The Valley-o, The Clap Dance, Leabaidh, The Mist On The Bog, Old Bog Hole, The Old Bog Hole, Rattling Bog, The Rattling Bog, The Siege Of Ennis.

Ceilidh Is Cool, Vol. 5 by John Carmichael & His Band

  1. Original
  2. Snouts & Ears
  3. Spanish Ladies
  4. Rattlin’ Bog
  5. Elegant Esther Gray

The Ceilidh Album by Dave Swarbrick

  1. Spanish Ladies
  2. Leather Away The Wattle O
  3. The Mist On The Bog
  4. Salmon Tails Up The River

The Houston Sessions by The Alans

  1. Murshin Durkin
  2. Rattlin’ Bog
  3. Spanish Lady