West Fork Gals polka

Also known as The Bull At The Wagon, West Fork Girls, Westfork Gals.

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One setting

X: 1
T: West Fork Gals
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
f4|A2 ef|g2 g2|B2>d2|ef ed|c2 A2|AB AG|FAD2|
f4|A2 ef|g2 g2|B2 Bd|ef ed|c2 A2|AB AF|d4:|
A2>G2|F2 A2|d2 F2|A2>F2|G2 F2|E2>F2|G2 F2|E2 cd|
ef ed|c2 A2|AB AG|F2 D2|d2 cd|ef ge|f2 d2|d4:|
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Five comments

Barbarian polka

"Old-timey" tunes from the USA, as played (in Irish style) by Ná Dorsa.

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proper name of tune is west fork girls i think……
na dorsa call whole set bull at the wagon. first polka in their set is barlow knife .

Yep. Definitely WestFork Gals… a West Viriginia tune. Not a popular tune here in the USA at all. Some of the oldtimers play it and WIlson Douglas may be the only source. (Could be wrong there.)

Anyway Doug Van Gundy is your man for WestFork Gals. http://www.dougvangundy.com/music.htm

Not a polka.

Re: West Fork Gals

Found this on a search for the tune on Google. Two of the fiddlers at our Old Time jam played it last night. Thanks for the link to the Doug Van Gundy site 🙂 and also the sheet music.

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