Sonja’s Kitchen reel

Also known as Sonia’s Kitchen.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Sonja's Kitchen
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
E3F G3A|B3d e3f|gfeg fedf|edB^c dBAF|
E3F G3A|B3d e3f|gfeg fede|fagf e4:|
geBe geBe|gece gece|afdB ABdf|afdB ABdf|
geBe geBe|gece gece|afdB ABde|fagf e4:|

Four comments

Rather repetitive, in my opinion only! Has the hallmarks of an early attempt at composing - people fall into patterns when doing so. Happy to be proven wrong though!

Learned this one from the Sonja mentioned in the title, who in turn had no idea where she learned it herself, and no idea who eventually composed it. If played with a swing and uptempo it’s a fantastic, haunting tune though. Give it a shot!

Re: Sonja’s Kitchen

I have just learned to play this tune. I love it. And then I thought I would discover its provenance. Thank you, Sonja, for finding it. I occasionally make up tunes and yes, I suppose as a beginner, I make them repetitive. But I like the repetitive patterns in this tune, especially in the B part; took me a while to get right the build up to the final bars.

Re: Sonja’s Kitchen

Hello, I kinda like it, when tunes (or music in general) has this repetitive phrases like in the B part.
Can someone suggest me some other tunes in this style ?
It would be especially nice, if the tune would we known well enough, to be played at a session !