Ice On The Water waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ice On The Water
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2|"G".B2B3B|"F".c2d3d|"Am"cB AG FG|"G"BG D3 D|"G".B2 B3 B|
"F".c2 d4|"Am"cB AG FG|"D"A4 D2|"G".B2 B3 B|"F".c2 d3d|
"Am"cB AG FG|"G"BG D3D|"F".=F2 F3 F|"F".G2 A3c|"D"_BA GF DF|"G"G4:|
|:d2|"G"g2 g2 ga|"D"gfd2 de|"F"=fe fa gf|"C"ecG2G2|
"G"g2 g2 ga|"D"gfd2 de|"F"=fe dc Bc|"D"d4 d2|
"G"g2 g2 ga|"D"gfd2 de|"F"=fe fa gf|"Am"ecG2G2|
"EbMaj7"_B3 A Bd|"EbMaj7"c_B A2c2|"D"_BA GF DF|"G"G4:|

Seven comments

Ice on the Water

A very pretty North American waltz by George Reynolds of Wild Asparagus. I like the key changes into G minor. The chords are his, I believe. (Are chords shown on The Session? Well, if not, here are the unexpected ones: Reynolds uses F for bars 3 and 4, D for 5; and the last 4 bars are EbMaj7, ditto, D, G.)

Goes nicely on English concertina.

this is a really nice modal tune that I kind of learnt a few weeks back, thanks for posting! 🙂

Posted .

Hi Danny, glad you like it.


I played this many years ago for my husband’s daughter’s Polynesian wedding on the San Onofre beach in California (very apropos, eh?) Lovely tune. News to me that George Reynolds is with Wild Asparagus… That would make two Georges in the band, along with caller/concertina/bodhran player, George Marshall.

Re: Ice On The Water

Hi all - George Reynolds here. Just to clarify I was never in Wild Asparagus but I did have a romantic connection with one of the members in another lifetime. Probably the source of the confusion. This tune was inspired by seeing the Connecticut River in the morning after the New Years Brattleboro Dawn Dance in 1980. There was ice on the water but it wasn’t completely frozen (yet).

Re: Ice On The Water

@ George Reynolds - very sorry about wrongly putting you in Wild Asparagus, George.

Thank you for sharing how you came to write this tune. My wife and I like it very much and play it often. We will think of the dawn scene you describe (and shiver in sympathy). Have you written any others? Do please share them if you have!

Thomas Green

Re: Ice On The Water

Thanks for your comment. I do have another tune called “Rainy Night In Montague” that’s been recorded a few times. But I see from the Session FAQ that posting ones own tunes is frowned upon. But I can send you a Pdf of the tune if you like. Send me a message with your email and I’ll send it to you.
P.S. Looks like I need to write a tune involving warmth and sunshine!