Jock Tamson’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jock Tamson's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:Ad|fgfe dedB|A2F2 F2FE|DFAd gfed|cdef e2Ad|
fgfe dedB|A2F2 F2A2|FAdf egce|d2d2 d2:|
|:ef|gfeg fedf|edcB A2ef|gfeg fedf|e2a2 a2ef|
gfeg fedf|edce dcBA|Bdce dfeg|f2d2 d2:|

Three comments

Jock Tamson’s Hornpipe

From the playing of the Cape Breton Symphony, so it’s a hornpipe played at reel tempo in a ‘Scottish’-dance-band-type arrangement. The LP is here:

An attempt at identifying the chords played by Bobby Brown and co. behind the fiddles (‘Ad’ = D chord + ‘A’ bass note; ‘D’ = D chord; F#d = D chord + F# bass note etc.): –

|: D Ad|D Ad|D Bm|Em A7|F#d G|D Ad|D A7|1 D D:|2 D D||
|:A7 D|E7 A|A7 D|A Ea|A7 D|A D|E7 A7|1 D D:|2 D D||

Re: Jock Tamson’s

This hornpipe was published by Ernest Koehler in his “Violin Repository of Dance Music”, Book First, page 45, as “Clasper’s Hornpipe” (arranged by W. B. Laybourn)

Re: Jock Tamson’s

The title “Jock Tamson’s - Hornpipe” is from Ryan’s Mammoth Collection.