The Glenlivet strathspey

By James Scott Skinner

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Glenlivet
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
A,>CE>C D>FA>F|E>Ac>A B<B, B,>C|A,>CE>C D>FA>F|E>A B<e c<A [A,2A2]|
A,>CE>C D>FA>F|E>A .d/.c/.B/.A/ B<B, B,>C|A,>CE>C D>FA>F|E>A B<e c<A [A,2A2]||
{g}a>A c<f e>Ac>A|E>Ac>A B<B, B,>g|{g}a>A c<f [ee]>Ac>A|E>A B<e c<A A>g|
{g}a>A c<f e<c {g}a>A|e>Ac>A B<B, B,>C|A,>CE>C D>FA>F|E>A B<e c<A [A,2A2]||

Six comments

The Glenlivet Strathspey - JS Skinner

This strathspey is by JS Skinner & is named after the single malt scotch whiskey “Glenlivet”. In Skinner’s notation he doubles all the D & e notes, this is a fiddle ornament which is sometimes called a scrunch (scots, CB) or a drone or unison. to do these start your pinky a bit flat then quickly bring it to unison with the adjacent open string. If it’s done right it should should sound like a set of highland pipes being inflated.

here’s some more info on this strathspey

Re: The Glenlivet

There’s a version of this tune I really like, by the Scottish fiddler Alastair Savage on his album “Alone with History.”

Re: The Glenlivet

Interesting! At about 75 seconds at this video, Curly MacKay seems to play a more accordion-friendly version of this tune. I presume it is the Glenlivet, based on the name of the recording. I can sort of see that, though the notes are not all the same.

Re: The Glenlivet

Thomas “Curly” MacKay (1912-1972) of Aberdeen recorded a series of ten sides in the mid 1930s consisting of medleys and named after areas: Bogieside Mixture, Ythanside Mixture, Deveronside Mixture, Speyside Mixture, Glenlivet Mixture, Deeside Mixture, Nessside Mixture, Dornoch Mixture, Strathglass Mixture and Strathisla Mixture.

In the Glenlivet Mixture the first and third tunes are “The 79th’s Farewell to Gibralter” and “The High Level Hornpipe” respectively. The middle tune is a puzzle to me; it has elements of Skinner’s “Glenlivet” strathspey, but I think it’s a different tune. I have a feeling I’ve played it before, but I can’t place it. I’ll keep thinking!

Re: The Glenlivet

Thanks for that info, Nigel. I agree, that second tune is somewhat similar yet also very different.