Two recordings of a tune named
The Rose Tree
With a tune named
Maggie In The Woods

The Rose Tree (polka) is also known as Bhiosa La I BPort Lairge, Cups And Saucers, False Knight On The Road, The False Knight On The Road, I’ll Cloot My Johnny’s Breeches, Let’s Pet The Pope, Lilted March, Little May Cullinane, Moore’s Favourite, O, I Courted A Farmer’s Daughter, The Old Lea Rig, Paddy’s Land, Port Lairgè, Portlairge.

Maggie In The Woods (polka) is also known as An BhFaca Tú Mo Shéamaisin?, Have You Seen My Little Seamus?, If I Had Maggie In The Wood, The Kerry, King William’s March, Maggie In The Corner, Maggie In The Wood, Mussels In The Corner, Nancy Wants Her Own Share.

Farewell To Ireland CD 3 (Of A Box Set Of 4) by Various Artists

  1. Maggie In The Woods
  2. The Spanish Ladies
  3. The Rose Tree

St. James's Gate by St. James's Gate

  1. Port Lairge
  2. Maggie In The Wood
  3. Rakes Of Mallow