Seaweed On The Yellow Cliff strathspey

Also known as Seaweed At The Yellow Cliff, The Seaweed Highland Fling.

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Four comments

This tune is a Donegal highland. I learnt it from Jill Elliot in Bristol, England and transcribed it, with her permission, from her teaching performance. It follows on well from Jimmy Lyons, another Donegal highland on this website.


“Jimmy Lyons” / “The Miller O’ Hirn”

Key signature: A Major
Submitted on June 30th 2001 by máirtín.

Key signature: D Major ~ & in G in the comments
Submitted on October 27th 2004 by m_gavin.

Kissin‘ ’highland‘ cousins, basically the same tune with some nice choices for variations - and - originating with ’the man’, Mr. James Scott Skinner…

In honor of James Byrne

Here is a version of “The Seaweed at the Yellow Cliff” based on James’ “The Road To Glenlough” recording.

May he rest in peace.

T: Seaweed At The Yellow Cliff
S: James Byrne
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: Highland
K: Ador
(gf>a)|:e<AB>A G>AB>d|e<AB>G A(>gf>a)|e<AB>A G>AB>d|1 (3efg (d>B) A>gf>a:|
|2 (3efg (d>B) A>B^c>d|:e<(a{b}a>^g) a>b=g>e|d<BG>A B<GB>d|
(3ef(g f)>(a g>f)g>d|1 (3efg (d>B) A>B^c>d:|2 (3efg (d>B) A>gf>a||

Go raibh mile ma’agat / Thanks, appreciated…