Blue Ribbon polka

Also known as Blue Ribbon No. 2, Johnny O’Leary’s, Murphy’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Blue Ribbon
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: A2FA defd | A2FA defd | e3d c2~B2 | A2FA ~B2A2 |
D2FA de~f2 | D2FA dcdf | .g2b2 abag |1 ~f2d2 d3B :|2 ~f2d2 d3f ||
|: .a2a2 fedf | .a2a2 ~f2ef | g2gf e2ed | c2ec A3f |
.a2a2 fedf | .a2a2 ~f2(3fff | .g2b2 abag |1 ~f2d2 d3f :|2 ~f2d2 d3B ||

Two comments

Got this one ….

… from the playing of Sammi, Johannes and Emma in Neuchatel (Ch) at a local session.

It comes from album "Hills And Hollows" - Mary And Josie Nugent.

Re: Johnny O’Leary’s

I believe this tune is usually played as a polka (e.g. the referenced recording for set dancing). There are two settings in Johnny O’Leary’s book, one (#17) listed as a slow polka/hornpipe, the other (#366) as a polka. I used to have a recording of Denis Murphy and Johnny O’Leary playing this (Ciarán Mac Mathúna introduces music from Clare and Kerry) but it has disappeared. They played this tune (as Murphy’s) as a polka and followed it with The Blue Ribbon It was a cracking set! Maybe this should be migrated to Polkas?