Port Tom Mor jig

By Johnny Óg Connolly

Also known as Port Tom Mhoir.

There are 2 recordings of this tune.

Port Tom Mor has been added to 10 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Port Tom Mor
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
EDB, ~E2F|ABd edB|fg~f edB|1 AFE D2z:|2 BAF AFE||
|:~e3 d2 f|edB BAF|~e3 def|edB BAF|
~e3 d2 f|efg fdB|fg~f edB|BAF D2z:|

Two comments

Unusual jig

This jig caught my ear on ‘old’ Johnny’s album, An Mileoidean Scaoilte (it was written by his son Johnny óg). There’s something that little bit unusual about it, which I always find interesting. I think it goes really well with the Flying Wheelchair, which is also that little bit unusual.

X: 2
T: Port Tom Mór
C: Johnny óg Connolly
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Dmaj
|: A |\
dAF E2 F | DB,A, D2 E | FAB AFA | AFD E2 F |
DB,D E2 F | ABd edB | fgf edB |[1 BAF D2 :|[2 BAF AFE ||
|: efe d2 f | edB BAF | efe edB | BAF AFE |
efe d2 f | efa fdB | fgf edB |[1 BAF D3 :|[2 BAF D2 |]