The Wooden Shutters slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Wooden Shutters
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GAB d2B cBA | ~G3 EFG AFD | GAB dAB cde | d2g edB AFD |
GAB dAB cBA | ~G3 EFG AFD | E2B cBA GAB | ~A3 ABd ~^c3 ||
Bef aef fed | Bef g2e fed | Bef g2a gab | afe de^c dBA |
Bef aef fed | Bef g2e fga | b2g a2f gfe | fed edB AFD ||
|: ~E3 cBA Bcd | ~E3 cBA BGD | ~E3 cBA Bcd |1 e2c d2B cBA :|2 efg edB AFD ||

Eight comments

The Wooden Shutters

Here’s a slip jig I wrote in the spring of 2011. The FSU Irish Ensemble performed it at the Rainbow Concert of World Music in March, with guest artist James Kelly. It switches modes between the parts; the B part is in E dorian, and there are good opportunities for creative harmonization in the C part - try using an Am or CM chord instead of the more obvious Em.


From the FAQs:

Can I submit my own compositions?
Well… The Session isn’t really intended for that. If you do post one of your own compositions, then you must do your "penance", so to speak, by balancing each original composition with about five trad tunes.

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From your band’s Facebook page,

"…because it’s not Irish traditional music until it’s on!" along with a link to this tune.

That’s not really true…

For a start, it’s definitely not true if you post it yourself!

But man, what cheek.

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On the other hand…

Perhaps you guru’s would like to lay off a bit on Mr. Foreman here. He’s not ignorant about ITM as you may wish to believe, nor is the comment about being "traditional until it’s on" meant to be anything more than lighthearted. He’s not a boastful or cheeky person, actually, and there are ways of treating people within an online environment that avoid blatant snarkiness. Some of the best players in ITM also happen to be some of the nicest.

And, do you really think that by posting these responses in the manner they were written, that he’s going to come back and post 5 trad tunes? You flame someone, and they go away. "Problem" solved. Not really a way to build community.

On the original hand…

Nor was my comment intended to be anything more than lighthearted…

For the record, I really rather like the first part of the tune, might need to play it a bit more to get the switches properly though.