Lieutenant Howard Douglas strathspey

Also known as Lieut. Howard Douglas, Lieutenant Howard Douglas’s, Lt. Howard Douglas.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lieutenant Howard Douglas
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
d>c|:A<dd>c A<dd<e|C>Ec>A G/F/E/D/ C>E|D<dd>c A<dd<e|f>aad>e d/d/d:|
e/f/g|a<df>d a/g/f/e/ f<d|g>ce<c g>ce<g|a<df>d a/g/f/e/ f<d|c<ag>e d/d/d e/f/g|
a<df>d a/g/f/e/ f<d|g<ce<c g>ce<g|a>ge<c f>ed<e|d>cA<c d/d/d||

Five comments

Robert MacKintosh

Composed by Robert MacKintosh.

Often played in a set between the Glencoe March ( and the reel Miss Stewart of Garth.

I recognise this tune off a recording, but it must have a different name. Will try and find it…

Recorded on 78 by Bill Lamey, whose old discs were reissued just this week. Joe Cormier also recorded it. Between these two fiddlers’s output you have your medley, too:

Bill Lamey - Lieutenant Howard Douglas, The Forest of Gaick, Mrs. Stewart of Garth
Joe Cormier - Glencoe Bridge March, Lieutenant Howard Douglas’s, Miss Stewart of Garth, The Rocket

The Rocket is a hornpipe, how North American to play it after a reel…

I’ve actually never heard it recorded, just heard my fiddle teacher and his wife who plays drums in a pipe band play it, though she was on piano. ;p I’ve tried learning it a few times, but it’s a tough nut to crack!

Mandolin version

This tune is also on Skip Gorman’s "Mandolin In The Cow Camp," paired with Glencoe Bridge March.