Moheravogue reel

Also known as Moher Avogue, Mohereavogue, Mothar Riabhógach.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Moheravogue
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
EAAB cBce|dB~B2 gB~B2|EAAB cBce|dBGA BAAG|
EAAB cBce|dB~B2 gB~B2|~A3B cBce|dBGA BAA2||
eaag abag|efga gedg|eaag abaf|geGA BAA2|
eaag abag|efga gfga|gA(3AAA cBce|dBGA BAA2||

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I don’t know anything about this tune, except that it was one of the earliest tunes I learnt. At least 35 years ago. Maybe more. I’ve found it elsewhere in the net but not here. Interestingly, the one or two other instances on the net seem to be pretty much identical to mine.

One says that it’s in Ceol Rince 1, so I suppose it is. Who knows? I could have just lifted it from there a long time ago. I have an itchy, sneaking feeling that I didn’t though …


… oh, and I was very tempted not to leave a comment at all …


Thanks for not giving in to temptation, it would have only been for spite. 😛

"Mothar Riabhógach"

“Ceol Rince na hÉireann – Cuid 1”
Breandán Breathnach
Dublin, Oifig an tSoláthair, 1963
Page 50, tune #123

X: 2
T: Mothar Riabhógach
B: CRÉ 1, Breandán Breathnach
S: George Rowley - fiddler
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Ador
EAAB cBce | dB ~B2 gB ~B2 | EAAB cBce | dBGA BA A2 |
EAAB cBce | dB ~B2 gB ~B2 | A3 B cBce | dBGA BA A2 ||
eaag abag | efga gedg | eaag abaf | geGA BA A2 |
eaag abag | efga gfga | gAAB cBce | dBGA BA A2 |]

"Thanks for not giving in to temptation, it would have only been for spite. 😛"

Duh … yeah!


… dammit … it’s been a while … 😎

Glad I looked in here today - that’s a nice tune. Has a genuine ring about it. I think the title means roughly the ‘rough or ruined fort’

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It is a nice tune, isn’t it? Always been one of my favourites.

There’s loads more trad tunes that aren’t on here yet. One day I may post another one. 😀

Yeah, I can never quite understand that often expressed view that ‘everything’ is already on site when someone is reminded of Jeremy’s request for at least five tunes for every one self composed… 😏 And there’s all those that dropped off when certain contributors left here completely, tunes and comments with them…

More on Rowley

Some nice comments in the discussion of ‘George Rowley’s Hornpipe’:

Anyone got more Rowley tunes? Did he ever get recorded?

Recordings of George "Rawley" Rowley

There are two cuts of George at the Comhaltas Archives. One includes the reel listed here as Sonny’s Return: Before that is another reel he composed, according to the MC, Fr. Lyons, on the tape anyway; title is Dervil’s Favourite. It has a familiar ring to it.

George also contributed a favorite tune of mine to CRE 1, the Leitrim Reel. I learned that from an old acetate of NYC musicians from Sligo/Leitrim; great tune but never encountered anyone who was familiar with it.

Easter sunday

same tune ???

X: 1
T: Easter Sunday
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Amin
|:G|EAAB cBcA|BG~G2 BcdB|AEAB cBce|dBGA BA~A2|
EAAB cBce|dB~B2 gedg|eaaf ~g2 ab|1 gedB A3 :|2gedB A2||
|:Bd|eaag edBA|BG~G2 BcdB|ABcd eaaf| ~g2 fa gedg|
ea ~a2 bg~ g2|aged BedB|AGEF GABd|1 gedB A2 :|2gedB A3||

according to the comments its a Paddy O’Brien

me likey !!!

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At least one likely inspired the other, and maybe in the attempt to remember or some other moment of confusion. In this case we have similarities that are strong, one a single reel and he other a double… I like them both…

I’ve checked the O’Brien collection, which hasn’t everything ascribed to his inspirations, "Easter Snow" isn’t there…

Easter sunday, not easter snow

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😀 Nothing there for ‘Easter’ of any sort.

There is this ~ I’ve an older publication ~

Discussion: Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection available
# Posted on August 22nd 2009 by heike

"Easter Sunday" a reel by Paddy O’Brien

Page 97 in this new and expanded edition. It looks grand. I’d heard about it but hadn’t chased up a copy yet. I’ll have to add it to my list of wants and must reads…