One recording of a tune named
The Munster Cloak
With a tune named
Planxty Davis

The Munster Cloak (waltz) is also known as An Ḟallaigín Ṁuiṁneaċ, An Fhalaigín Mhuimhneach, An Fhallaingin Mhuimhneach, Fallaiġin Muṁan, The Munster Falageen, The Munster March, Spanish Cloak, The Spanish Cloak.

Planxty Davis (hornpipe) is also known as Killiecrankie, Plancstai Daibhis, Planxty Davies, Planxty Davy.

Bowin' and Scrapin' by Barry Dransfield

  1. Obliged To Fiddle
  2. Planxty Davy
  3. Spanish Cloak