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One setting

X: 1
T: Tune For Michael
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E3 F A2 B/c/d | edcA dcAE | D2 FA AG E2 | DEFD EAED |
E3 F A2 B/c/d | edcA dcAE | DFBd cA ~A2 | BEcA F4 :|
EABA dcec | EABA dcec | Fcde c2 FE | DFFE A2 G2 |
EABA dcec | EABA dcec | FAAF EAAE | DBBc A2 G2 |
EABe eddc | EABe efdc | Fcde c2 FE | DFFE A2 G2 |
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Tune For Michael

I heard this beautiful slow tune played by the band Last Orders on their eponymous CD. It is on the ‘Dance Of Delight’ track.

This is not a reel as such, it should be played at a speed of about 120 crotchet beats per minute which is roughly the same speed as the MIDI file.

It was written by Brian Finnegan.

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By Brian, really? This is one I don’t think I’ve ever heard. Is it a recent tune of his, or an older one that just doesn’t get played anywhere?

This isn’t the tune linked to on the Tom McConville album.

It says in the album sleeve notes that they learnt the tune from Brian Finnegan when he was their band tutor at the Folkworks Youth Summer School. He is credited as the composer because his name is in brackets after the tune name in the track listing so I assume it is by him.

But I agree it is hardly played anywhere and really should be cuz it’s awesome! 😀

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