Will You Lend Me Your Loom Lass strathspey

Also known as Lend Me Your Loom Lass.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Will You Lend Me Your Loom Lass
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B2|AG FE E2 Bd|e4 g<ed<B|d4 edBA|B3 e dBAB|
AG FE E2 Bd|e4 g<ed<B|g>aba g<ed<B|A4 GA:|
|:B2|AG FE E3 F |G3 A B2 AG|B2 A2 A3 d|BABd ede/f/g|
G2 FE E3 F |G3 A B2 AG|ABg/f/e dBAG|A4 zG:|
B2|:GAGF E2 (3BAB|eBgf fedB|dAfe ed (3BAB|B3 e dBAB|
G>AGF E2 (3BAB|eBgf e>fga|b>age d<B A<G|1 A4 agab:|2 A4 z2||
b2|:gfe^d e3 f|gBdg b2 ag|c'>ba^g a3 e|c'>ba^g a2 (3abc'|
gfe^d eBfB|gGBd b2 ag|a>gab g<ed<B|1 A3 b abga:|2 A4 z2||

Three comments

Will ye lend me your Loom Lass

T:Will ye lend me your Loom Lass
R:Slow Air
S:Chris Norman: The Caledonian Flute
B:Oswald Caledonian Companion 1752
Z:Hans Bracker
N:Posted to the woodenflute mailing list December 2002

Great tune - one of the first that I spent a considerable time working on. Originally on the Boehm then on the 6-key - bit of a pity that I can’t play it on the keyless EFlat is just not something I can half hole or cross finger and it is a quite important note for the tune.

Caledonian Pocket Companion - James Oswald

Despite what many might think, this tune is fully aimed at the flute so it is not surprising that the G# key is needed. Together with many others, it was compiled by James Oswald in a collection called:

The Caledonian Pocket Companion, containing 50 of the most favourite Scotch Tunes, several of them with Variations, all set for the German Flute, by Mr. Oswald (http://imslp.org/wiki/The_Caledonian_Pocket_Companion_%28Oswald,_James%29)