Borne Races jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Borne Races
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
c|fef fed|cgB AGF|BAB Bd/c/B|AGF EGC|
fef fed|gfg gfe|edc Gc=B|c3c2:|
c|geg gec|afa afd|bag agf|gef ^c3|
DFA dfa|GBd gab|agf ed^c|dAF D2c|
fef fed|cgB AGF|BAB Bd/c/B|AGF EGC|
f2d AGF|gbg edc|fga cfe|f3f2||

One comment

Borne Races

Another tune from Walsh’s Compleat Dancing Master of 1740. It starts off as a fairly ordinary tune though it modulates, but then gets quite radical as it shifts to D minor in the second part, with those wide arpeggios. That long C# has a trill written above it in the manuscript. Not within the range of some instruments, I’m afraid. It sounds OK in D:

T:Borne Races
S:Walsh Compleat Dancing Master
A|dcd dcB|AeG FED|GFG GB/2A/2G|FED CEA,|dcd dcB|ede edc|cBA EA^G|A3A2:|
A|ece ecA|fdf fdB|gfe fed|ecd ^A3|B,DF Bdf|
EGB efg|fed cB^A|BFD B,2A|dcd dcB|AeG FED|
GFG GB/2A/2G|FED CEA,|d2B FED|ege cBA|def Adc|d3d2|]

I’ve no idea where the ‘Borne races’ were held - there are some races on the Thames, but they are named after a Daisy Borne, and only began in the 20th century. It could refer to somewhere on the European continent, but seems unlikely.
It is quite possible that it is a spelling of ‘Bourne’, which is a relatively common name in England.

Interesting wee tune, anyway.