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Christmas in Kinsale

This jig was composed by box player Tony O’Connell, from Ireland, now residing in the Chicago (IL, USA) area. He asked me to post it here, wishing it to become part of the standard session repertory.

The title commemorates the Battle of Kinsale, on Christmas Eve of 1601. Read more about it here:

Here’s some additional information from Tony:

"Christmas in Kinsale is part of a collection of (mostly) original tunes I am putting together and hope to turn into a CD commemorating the ‘Irish Famine’. While I am not a historian, I have come to appreciate the impact of the Irish Famine on Ireland, and on the entire World through the Irish Diaspora.

In researching the Irish Famine and it’s origins, I choose to
start with the Battle of Kinsale as the pivotal event in Irish history that led to the Famine. Arguably one could start earlier but this seemed to me to be Ireland’s last legitimate attempt to eliminate English Rule. As Irish history marched on from 1600, the plight of the Irish worsened. All other uprisings and rebellions really didn’t have a chance against the military might of England. The Irish have glorified Wolf Tone and Robert Emmet but the honest historian would probably say that their military efforts were
doomed and many brave and honorable men gave their lives in vain - the outcome was inevitable."

Re: Christmas In Kinsale

Did Tony ever put the CD together? I’d be very interested in purchasing a copy if he did. Thanks!

Re: Christmas In Kinsale

Hi Debbie, sorry for the (very) late reply but no I never did make the CD and probably will not. Besides being a lot of work there are other CDs out there that commemorate the famine.