At It Again jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: At It Again
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A,|D3 FEF|DFA BAF|A2d BAF|A3-A zd-|
dBA FBA|FED B,2A,|D2F EDB,|D3-D2z|
d2d BAF|A2B AFD|d2d BAF|A3-A de|
fed BdB|AFD B,2A,|D2F EDB,|D3-D2||

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At It Again, Andy M Stewart

This is my very first post, I am not real sure how to write a tune on abc…but I gave it a shot…I am trying to put down the tune from Andy M Stewart…let me know if this is close

Hey John!
ABC can be tricky sometimes, especially if you’re starting out. There are guides online, such as these:

Before posting, I find it helpful to test the ABCs in a converter such as this one:

It helps me catch slip-ups I make.

Having not heard the song in question, I can’t tell you if your transcription is incorrect, but I can tell you that it’s odd. The first three bars have 8 1/8 notes (ie, aren’t in 6/8), the next two have six, the following one 8 again, and the last 4. This makes seven bars, which is also odd. Also, there’s no B part or repeats, which is odd as well. Might want to take another whack at it! Hope the links help. 🙂

if you have a recording of this tune post it somewhere so i can transcribe it for you

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Transcription errors…
"At It Again" was a comical song, written by Andy M. Stewart, formerly "Silly Wizard" singer.
The transcription here is not accurate, as some have noticed above. The second part of the song air is slightly different, and hasn’t been posted. It could be played as a jig.
"Ron P" and myself, were part of a group - "The Moving McLeods" 🙂 - who recorded a version of the song, with Andy’s permission, on the tape which is linked to above. It’s been missed out from the listing, but is track 14. We followed it with "The Swaggering Jig".

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Here it is as a jig, thereabouts:

T:At it Again
C:Andy M Stewart
FED B,2A,|D2F EDB,|D3-D2z|d2d BAF|A2B AFD|
d2d BAF|A3-A de|fed BdB|AFD B,2A,|D2F EDB,|D3-D2|]

It is, of course, a hexatonic ditty.

Should I say, a pentatonic ditty.


Well, it was my first attempt, and I am not savy with the abc and still working out the hearing each note in tunes and how to apply it to the uilleann pipes….but this version is truely amazing…only thing is it starts way lower then the bottom d of the pipes…not sure how a piper could tweak that note out…thanks for all your help…good stuff…

Updated the abc notes

I used the above notation from weejie to correct my horrible, but fun attempt at this great tune…this one is way better…enjoy…cheers. and thanks again to all for steering me in the right direction…

At it again

Very nice tune, John - tried it on the English concertina, plays easily , and I especially like the moments where it goes down the scale. Thanks!

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