Tim Sullivan’s barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tim Sullivan's
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:.e2A2 ~c2A2|cecA cecA|~B2ce ~f2fe|~B2ce ~f2af|
.e2A2 ~c2A2|cecA cecA|~B2ce efec|1 ~B2A2 A3f:|2 ~B2A2 A3e||
|:.e2a2 g2f2|efec B2BA|~B2ce ~f2fe|~B2ce ~f2af|
.e2a2 g2f2|efec B2BA|~B2ce efec|1 ~B2A2 A3e:|2 ~B2A2 A3f||

Seven comments

Tim Sullivan’s (Barndance)

Got this lovely barndance at Neuchatel session (Ch). I think it was learned off album "Rossinver Braes" by Ben Lennon & Tony O’connell. Simple, nice. Love it.

Suggestion by ceolachan

K: Amaj
|: f | .e2 A2 ~c2 A2 | cecA cecA | ~B2 ce ~f2 fe | ~B2 ce ~f2 af |
.e2 A2 ~c2 A2 | cecA cecA | ~B2 ce efec | ~B2 A2 A3 :|
|: e | .e2 a2 g2 f2 | efec B2 BA | ~B2 ce ~f2 fe | ~B2 ce ~f2 af |
.e2 a2 g2 f2 | efec B2 BA | ~B2 ce efec | ~B2 A2 A3 :|

Suggestiong by ceolachan ~ 😎 ~ other possibilities

gilles - that’s just your transcriptions with some traditional notation conventions made, the lead-ins, moving your final f & e to the front, allowing the melody to resolve on the tonic, and adding some rhythmic defining spacing, which generally makes ABC notation an easier and quicker read… On the other hand -

X: 2
T: Tim Sullivan’s
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: barndance
K: Amaj
|: (3agf |\
e2 A2 c2 A2 | c>ec>A c>e (3cBA | B2 c>e (3fgf f>e | B2 c>e f2 a>f |
e2 A2 c2- c>A | c>ec>A (3cde c2 | B2 c>d e>f (3edc | (3BcB A2 A2 :|
|: (3Bcd |\
e2 a2 g2- g>f | e>fe>c B2 (3cBA | (3BcB c>e f2 (3fec | (3BcB c>e f2- f>c |
e2 a2 g2 f2 | e>fe>c B2- B>A | B2 c>d e2- e>c | B2 A>G A2 :|

It also goes well in G…

I knew it wouldn’t have been you. Lots of rolls, no triplets, no swing signs, the anacrusis in a sensible place - no way was it ever a ‘c’ transcription, lol!

3 at last, 3 at last ~

πŸ˜‰ ~ Glad you’re about dear Dow…

"- the anacrusis in a sensible place - " πŸ˜›


K: Amaj
|: f/ | - - - - A2- A3/ :|
|: e/ | - - - - A2- A3/ :|

X: 3
T: Tim Sullivan’s
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: barndance
K: Gmaj
|: e/ |\
d2 G2 B2- B>G | (3Bcd B>G B>d (3BAG | A>DB>d e>Ge>d | A>D (3Bcd e2 (3gfe |
d2 G2 B2 D2 | B>d (3BAG (3Bcd B>D | A2 (3ABc d>e (3dcB | A2 G2 G2- G3/ :|
|: B/ |\
d2 g2 f2- f>e | d>e (3dcB A2 (3BAG | (3ABA B>d e2 (3edB | (3ABA B>d e2- e>B |
d2 g2 f2 e2 | d>ed>B A2- A>G | A2 B>c d>Gd>B | A>D (3FGA G2- G3/ :|