March Of The Mayomen march

Also known as March Of The Mayo Men.

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One setting

X: 1
T: March Of The Mayomen
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
A2B3/2d/2 e2d3/2e/2|g2A2B3/2A/2 G2|g2a3/2g/2 e2e/2d/2B|
AB/2A/2 G3/2A/2 Bd e2|A2B3/2d/2 e2d3/2e/2|
g2A2B3/2A/2 G2|g2a3/2g/2 e2e/2d/2B|A3/2d/2 B/2e3/2 A4
|:a2g3/2a/2 e3/2f/4e/4 d3/2e/2|g2A2B3/2A/2 G2|
a2g3/2a/2 e2e/2d/2B|AB/2A/2 G3/2A/2 Bd e2|
A2B3/2d/2 e2d3/2e/2|g2A2B3/2A/2 G2|
g2a3/2g/2 e2e/2d/2B|A3/2d/2 B/2e3/2 A4:|

Two comments

March of the Mayomen

For Richard D Cook, as requested.

This is taken from The Chieftains album ‘Year of the French’.
I know nothing more about it, but I do have this niggling thought that I once came across it in an old manuscript somewhere.
It is, of course, a march but if I were to present it here in 2/4 it would have had to be listed as a polka - I’d rather see it as a strathspey!

It would look something like this as a 2/4 march, though it might look different in GHB notation:

T:March of the Mayomen
A2B3/2d/2 e2d3/2e/2|g2A2 B3/2A/2G2|g2a3/2g/2 e2e/2d/2B|
AB/2A/2G3/2A/2 Bde2|A2B3/2d/2 e2d3/2e/2|
g2A2 B3/2A/2G2|g2a3/2g/2 e2e/2d/2B|A3/2d/2B/2e3/2 A4|
|:a2g3/2a/2 e3/2f/4e/4d3/2e/2|g2A2 B3/2A/2G2|
a2g3/2a/2 e2e/2d/2B|AB/2A/2G3/2A/2 Bde2|
A2B3/2d/2 e2d3/2e/2|g2A2 B3/2A/2G2|
g2a3/2g/2 e2e/2d/2B|A3/2d/2B/2e3/2 A4:|

By Paddy Moloney?

It could well have been composed by Paddy Moloney, looking at the album blurb. My niggling thought may be at fault.