Seventy-six recordings of Richard Dwyer’s

Also known as Dwyer’s, Dwyers, Michael Dwyer, Richard Dwyer, Richie Dwyer, Richie Dwyer’s, Ril Risteard Ui Dhuibhir.

This tune has been recorded together with Paddy Kelly’s (lots of times), The Otter’s Holt (a few times), The Cat Rambles To The Child’s Saucepan (a few times), The Galway (a few times), Greta’s Favourite (a few times), The Holly Bush (a few times), The Old Bush (a few times), Sandy MacLeod Of Garafad (a few times), The Shoemaker’s Daughter (a few times), The Whistling Postman (a few times), Alice’s, Ambrose Moloney’s, Andy Renwick’s Ferret, Ann From Monaghan, Anon, The Ass In The Graveyard, Ballinasloe Fair, The Ballygow, Beare Island, Billy Brocker’s, The Blue Ribbon, The Boys Of Ballisodare, Brendan Ring’s, The Brocca, Cailroe Ramblers, The Chattering Magpie, Christy Barry’s, The Clogger’s Quilt, Clueless, The Coming Of Spring, The Culfadda, The Dawn, The Destitution, Dick Sherlock’s, Dinner’s Dangerous River Jacket, The Earl’s Chair, Eleanor Kane’s, The Emyvale, The Famous Ballymote, The Goat Island Ceilidh Band, The Golden Keyboard, Good Drying, The Gooseberry Bush, Gorman’s, The Happy, The Harsh February, Her Long Dark Hair Flowing Down Her Back, The High Road To Lyon, The Humours Of Ballyconnell, I Have No Money, I Wish I Never Saw You, The Ivy Leaf, Jack Coughlan’s, Jim Donoghue’s, John Brennan’s, The Journey By Train, The Kesh, Kevin’s Dream, The Lad From Orkney, The Leitrim Lilter, The Limerick Lasses, The Longford Tinker, Lord McDonald’s, Maggie’s Pancakes, McFadden’s Handsome Daughter, McIllhatton’s Retreat, McIntyre’s Fancy, The Merry Sisters, Mick O’Connor’s, The Milliner’s Daughter, Miss Johnson, Miss McDonald, Miss Susan Cooper, Munster Grass, The Noon Lassies, The Old Fashion, Ormond Sound, The Other High, Paddy Fahey’s, Paddy Fahey’s, Paddy Fahey’s, Paddy Kelly’s, Paddy Kelly’s, Paddy Ryan’s Dream, The Piper’s Despair, The Pleasures Of Hope, Poor But Happy At 53, The Poor Man’s Fortune, The Pretty Girls Of Mayo, Reel Eboulement, Return To Burton Road, Sally In The Garden, Sean Reid’s, Seán Sa Cheo, The Stone In The Field, Storm, Sully’s, Thady Casey’s Fancy, The Thirteen Arches, Tim Maloney’s, Tommy Mulhaire’s, The Watchmaker, Wes And Maggie’s Ceili Croft, The Whistler Of Rosslea, The White Hart, Wing Commander Donald Mackenzie’s.

  1. A Spider In The Hood by Cattle Grid
  2. An Tower by Tommy Mellett and Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha
  3. At Early Dawn by Mike Dugger
  4. Back To America by Comhaltas Tour Group 2002
  5. Bagpipe Revolution by Jori Chisholm
  6. Between The Sets by Barefield Ceili Band
  7. Boxed by Anders Trabjerg
  8. Bridging the Gap by Eugene Quinn
  9. Bualadh Bos by Various Artists
  10. Caise Ceoil by Various Artists
  11. Cavan’s Lilter by Séamus Fay
  12. Cherish The Ladies Live by Cherish The Ladies
  13. Come West by Joe Searson and Jack Healy
  14. Cuisle by Angela Deane
  15. Each Little Thing by Sharon Shannon
  16. Ego Trip by MacDara Ó Raghallaigh
  17. Father Charlie by Father Charles Coen
  18. Feadóga Stáin 2 by Mary Bergin
  19. Festival Of Traditional Irish Music, Volumes 1 & 2 by Various Artists
  20. Fiddle - Piano - Bass by Rose Clancy
  21. Flute Tunes by Peter Woodley
  22. Galway’s Own by Joe Burke
  23. Giotár by Pete Strickler & Charlie Branch
  24. Grace Bay by Tommy McCarthy and Louise Costello
  25. Here Among Strangers by Siucra
  26. Hup! by Dylan Foley
  27. In A Creative Mood by Richard Dwyer
  28. Irish and Continental Accordion by Finbarr Dwyer
  29. Irish Fiddle by Dale Russ
  30. Irish Traditional Accordion Session With Four Champions by Joe Burke, Kevin Loughlin, Finbarr Dwyer And John Whelan
  31. Irish Traditional Music by Paddy Carty
  32. January Winds by Lachlan
  33. Last Night’s Fun by Chrissy Crowley
  34. Listening to the Outside World by Mareka Naito, Junji Shirota
  35. Man With The Wooden Flute by Chris Norman
  36. Mi.da:za by North Cregg
  37. Northern Tradition by Mary Mulholland
  38. Not Before Time​.​.​.​39 Years in the Making by Páraic Mac Donnchadha
  39. Not Enough Shouting by Wolfstone
  40. Not Making Hay by Legacy
  41. Notes between the Lines by Full Set
  42. Out On The Ocean by Moher
  43. Pick Of The Litter by Wolfstone
  44. Rescattermastered by Trail West
  45. Seven Evenings, Seven Mornings by Shantalla
  46. Siúl na Slí by Diarmuid Ó Meachair
  47. Song Of The Irish Whistle by Joanie Madden
  48. Soul Food by Dale Russ
  49. Sweet And Sour by Dún An Doras
  50. Take Flight and Follow by Catherine Ashcroft
  51. The Best Ever Traditional Irish Pub Session Volume One by Various Artists
  52. The Celtic Album by The Boston Pops Orchestra conducted by Keith Lockhart
  53. The Ewe With The Crooked Horn by Colm Gannon, Jesse Smith And John Blake
  54. The Friendly Visit by Noel Sweeney
  55. The Irish Girl by Robin Bullock And Michel Sikiotakis
  56. The Mighty Box by Luke Daniels
  57. The Plain Of Jars by Brian Kelly
  58. The Space Between The Notes by Colm Naughton
  59. The Sunday Night Sessions by Sandy Brechin
  60. The Tidy Cottage by Turlach Boylan
  61. The Tie That Binds by Joe Derrane
  62. The Twentieth Anniversary Collection by Various Artists
  63. The Valley Of Tees by Vin Garbutt
  64. The Winding Clock by Enda Seery
  65. Traditional Irish Sessions by Various Artists
  66. Traditional Music Of Ireland & Shetland by How To Change A Flat Tire
  67. Up And Away by Paul Smyth
  68. Up The West by Randal Bays
  69. Vincent Griffin And Friends by Vincent Griffin
  70. Walking Stones by Ken Kolodner, Laura Risk, Robin Bullock
  71. Where I Could Go by Borja Baragaño
  72. Whistle for the Feis & Other Occasions by Brett Lipshutz
  73. Wild And Beautiful by Silly Wizard
  74. Winds Of Change by Geraldine MacGowan And Anne Conroy
  75. Winterfyre by Greenfyre
  76. Write Me A Letter by The Fiddle Case