Two recordings of
Richard Dwyer’s
The Holly Bush

Richard Dwyer’s (reel) is also known as Dwyer’s, Dwyers, Michael Dwyer, Richard Dwyer, Richie Dwyer, Richie Dwyer’s, Ril Risteard Ui Dhuibhir.

The Holly Bush (reel) is also known as Finbarr Dwyer’s, Finbarr Dwyer’s 2, Finbarr Dwyer’s Reel No 1, Hollybush, The Hollybush, O’Dwyer’s.

Each Little Thing by Sharon Shannon

  1. With Her Lovely Long Hair
  2. McIntyre’s Fancy (John Brady’s)
  3. Richard Dwyer’s
  4. The Holly Bush

Whistle for the Feis & Other Occasions by Brett Lipshutz

  1. Richard Dwyer’s
  2. Holly Bush
  3. Drunken Cow