One recording of
Richard Dwyer’s
The Piper’s Despair

Richard Dwyer’s (reel) is also known as Dwyer’s, Dwyers, Michael Dwyer, Richard Dwyer, Richie Dwyer, Richie Dwyer’s, Ril Risteard Ui Dhuibhir.

The Piper’s Despair (reel) is also known as Crá Croí An Phíobaire, Curly Mick, Curly Mike, Éadóchas Na BPíobairí, Pipers Despair, The Pipers Despair, The Pipers’ Despair.

Here Among Strangers by Siucra

  1. The Piper’s Despair
  2. The Earl’s Chair
  3. Richard Dwyer’s