Galician Carol jig

Also known as Moita Festa, Villancico Para La Navidad De 1829.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Galician Carol
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
de|:f2d def|a2g eag|fed dcd|1 ecA Ade:|2 e cA A3||
|:g2e ede|f2d dcd|e2c ABc|1 e2 d2 BB:|2 e2 d2 Ad||
|:fAA ABA|A2 G2 Ac|eGG GAG|1 G2 F2 Ad:|2 G2 F2 af||
|:bB/=c/B/A/ Gge|aA/B/A/G/ Ffa|gab efg|1 g2 f2 af:|2 g2 f2 Ad||
|:=fAA A_BA|A2 G2 Ac|eGG GAG|G2 =F2 Ad:|
|:dce ed=f|=feg g=fa|ga=b cde|1 e2 d2 Ad:|2 e2 d2 de||

Four comments

Galician Carol

I do not know whether it is traditional or composed, but it seems quite likely to be traditional. I believe that some Irish musicians playing this tune


This carol was written for Christmas of 1829 by Jose Pacheco, master of music at the Mondoñedo’s cathedral. It uses the same key signature and tempo of a traditional “muiñeira” - mill dance. Thanks for sharing it. It needs a few changes, though. Carlos Núñez does a perfect interpretation of this tune.

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Re: Galician Carol

Not sure, but I think the high b in last part - third measure should be flat…

Re: Galician Carol

I learned of it from the Carlos Nunez version! Amazing