Langton’s Of Kilkenny hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Langton's Of Kilkenny
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(3GFE|DFAd f2 ed|cAAG EAGE|DFAd f2 ed|(3Bcd ef g2 fe|
dFAd f2 ed|cAAG EAGE|(3FGF DA (3GAG EB|AFGE D3:|
ABdf a2 gf|gece AGFE|(3FGF DA (3GAG EB|Adfd eAce|
defg a2 gf|gece AGFE|(3FGF DA (3GAG EB|AFGE D3:|
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Hi there this a tune I composed after a great wedding reception of a good friend in Langtons, Kilkenny. It will be recorded on my next album.

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Problems with your ABCs ~

K: Dmaj
DFAd f2 | ed CAAG E2 (3GFE | DEFA f2 ed | (3BCd ef g2 |
fed ~A3 f2 | ed CAAG EAGE | (3FGF DA (3GAG E2 | AFGE D3 :|
ABdf a2 gf | geCe AGFE | (3FGF DA (3GAG EB | Adfd eACe |
defg a2 gf | geCe AGFE | (3FGF DA (3GAG EB | AFGE D3 :|

I’ve spaced things out more standard, and joined up groups of notes, also the usual for a 4/4 hornpipe, but there are still big problems, that bar placement at the beginning, and, if this is a ‘whistle’ tune, you’ve got a lot of below the range of the whistle Cs scattered throughout, such as ~

CAAG / (3BCd / geCe / eACe ~ suspecting your intentions might be ~
cAAG / (3Bcd / gece / eAce

&, please, don’t forget the courtesy of reading the FAQs, so easily overlooked, but especially regarding the self-composed…

Also, to learn the modern conventions for ABC notation, check out these websites:

Best of luck…

3/4 - 4/4 - 5/4

There are a number of questionable placements of bar lines, assuming you’re wanting this to be a standard 4/4 hornpipe…


It might be this:

X: 1
T: Langtons
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: hornpipe
K: Dmaj
D>FA>d f2 e>d | c>AA>G E2 (3GFE | D>EF>A f2 e>d | (3Bcd e>f g2
fe | d ~A3 f2 e>d | c>AA>G E>AG>E | (3FGF D>A (3GAG E2|A>FG>E D3 z :|
A>Bd>f a2 g>f | g>ec>e A>GF>E | (3FGF D>A (3GAG E>B |A>df>d e>Ac>e |
d>ef>g a2 g>f | g>ec>e A>GF>E | (3FGF D>A (3GAG E>B | A>FG>E D3 z :|

Attempting to make sense of it ~ 😏

K: Dmaj
|: DFAd f2 ed | CAAG E2 (3GFE | DEFA f2 ed | (3Bcd ef g2 fe |
dA ~A2 f2 ed | CAAG EAGE | (3FGF DA (3GAG E2 | AFGE D4 :|
|: ABdf a2 gf | gece AGFE | (3FGF DA (3GAG EB | Adfd eAce |
defg a2 gf | gece AGFE | (3FGF DA (3GAG EB | AFGE D4 :|


Howdy Nigel - et viola! Nice to see the >…


Ha! We must have been working on it at the same time, ceolachan! I’m positive the "C"s are meant to be "c"s.


Thanks guys with your help on the notation. I’m playing music a long time but quite new to ABC notation on computer so bear with me. nigelg is right the C should be c. I will do more work on it before I post more of my tunes. Thanks again.

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Thanks Nigel & whistlemad, I forgot to convert the Cs to cs on those CAAGs… πŸ˜€

Langtons - flinging it about

My ‘natural’ inclination πŸ˜‰ is to play this as a highland fling, as 16 bars instead of 32, so, incorporating your variations on the melody and some of my own, here’s one way of doing that ~

X: 2
T: Langtons
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: highland fling
K: Dmaj
(3GFE |\
D>FA>d f2 e>d | c>AA>G E>A (3GFE | D>EF>A (3fgf e>d | (3Bcd e>f g2 (3gfe |
d>A (3FGA f>A (3fed | cA-AG EAGE | (3FGF DA (3GAG E2 | AF (3GFE D2 ||
(3dcB |\
A2 (3def a2 (3agf | g>ec>e A>GF>E | (3FGF D>A (3GAG E>B | A>df>d e>Ac>e |
d2 (3efg a2 g>f | g>ec>e A>gf>e | (3FGF d>A (3GAG e>B | A>fG>e d2 |]

And it could also be seen this way, simplified ~

K: Dmaj
(3gfe |\
d>FA>d f2 e>d | c>A-A>G E>A (3GFE |
[1 D>EF>A (3fgf e>d | (3Bcd e>f g2 :|
[2 (3FGF DA (3GAG E2 | AF (3GFE D2 ||
(3dcB |\
A2 (3def a2 (3agf | g>ec>e A>GF>E |
[1 (3FGF D>A (3GAG E>B | A>df>d e2 :|
[2 (3FGF d>A (3GAG e>B | A>fG>e d2 |]


I would forget to add all the >s - in the A-part both times 😏

~ | c>A-A>G E>AG>E | (3FGF D>A (3GAG E2 | A>F (3GFE D2 ||


[2 (3FGF D>A (3GAG E2 | A>F (3GFE D2 ||

That’s what happens when I play, dance a fling and type at the same time… πŸ˜€

Fling version!

Interesting take on the tune ceolachan although I really intended this tune to be a hornpipe when I composed it. Flings are something that I would like to try and compose. I have been listening to alot of old recordings of the late John Joe Gannon on the Comhaltas archives playing flings. Also some flings on his lovely CD ‘A Blast from the Past’(1997)

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Once I’ve let go of my own inspirations it is in the hands of whoever takes it up. I enjoy the different possibilities a new mind and way might take it. I’ve never thought of them as something I own, as they come so easily, and the only struggle is to remember to write them down. Some I just enjoy for the moment…

For me not forcing it in the least, this came feeling more like a 16 bar fling than a 32 bar hornpipe. There are certain things it its structure that carried me there, enjoyed for the moment and shared here. And, clearly I hope, it wasn’t just about 16 bars and swing but included some other ways with the basic melody too, fun while it lasted…

I haven’t enjoyed John Joe Gannon’s CD "A Blast from the Past" yet. I’ll have to see if I can chase myself up a copy. Thanks for the recommendation…

Bad example, slainte - John McGettigan and his Irish Minstrels recorded "Highland Schottishe Medley - Incl Ma McNulty’s Favourite and Rolling in the Ryegrass" in the 1920s. Other examples suggest themselves, like the old set dance Rogha an Fhile, which is the Morning Star and two parts of Over the Moor to Maggie played in hornpipe time. Bar’s a bar’s a bar’s a bar’s a bar.

Pretty funny for ceol to be feeding a month old tune through the auld dot-and-flag, though. ;)


You’re still off the mark old friend. I first learned "Miss Thornton’s" as a fling, not a reel. It wasn’t my doing, as is mostly the case…

Mmm, a pattern emerges - these are tunes in 4/4 that can be played in whatever rhythm!

Here’s some oddball recordings for you to cue up - they’re both off the net:

Joseph Allard, violon avec gui - Le reel de la veuve
Frank S. Mazziotta - Irish reel Edison Gold Moulded Record: 2806
1st is at the Virtual Gramaphone. Looking up these details brought me back to this recording: Savard, Fortunat - Valse de St-Jean

Where I wrote

"Listen to this harmonica/mandolin piece for some good microtonal work"

Between these three recordings you should forget all about ceolachan and his flinging things about. ;)

Lovely Kevin, appreciated. I am familiar with and fond of the playing of Joseph Allard… As ‘flings’ became less a part of the dance scenes across Ireland the melodies were often reassigned as single reels, and double reels too. You can’t hold a good melody down… 😎

Frank S. Mazziotta - president of what? - OUCH!!! πŸ˜€

Frank S. Mazziotta - head of Sun Records, a piccolo solo…


Hmmmmmm… While I love being inspired by ‘The Virtual Grammophone’ and similar resources, there are limits…


Record producers, what makes them think they can make music eh? A bit of an ear ache…


Tune achieved 1st place at Leinster Fleadh 2011 for ‘Newly Composed Tune’ competition.

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You should expand the title a bit, Paddy Killoran recorded a reel with the title Langton’s Favourite back in the 30s.

Wondered if anyone would bring up Frank M’s hideously un-PC titles. Even for those days he seemed to have a bit more than the usual beef.