The Auld Man’s Mare’s Dead strathspey

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Auld Man's Mare's Dead
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:z|EAA>B A2g>e|d<BA>G G>ABG|cBcd e>fg>a|g<eg>B A2A:|
|:g|a>bag a>bae|g>ab>a ge d(g/a/)|b>age dega|g<eg<B A2A:|

Three comments

The Auld Man’s Mare’s Dead

Interesting, jaychoons - where did you get this version? I’ve played this tune for a while now, and I’m afraid I can’t remember where I first learned it. It was composed by a celebrated fiddler from Fife, Scotland called Patie Birnie (born c.1635).

T:Auld Man’s Mare’s Dead, The
S:Can’t remember
Z:Nigel Gatherer
zF | E2 E2 E2 d>B | A<FE>D D>EF>D | G>FG>A B<GA>B | d>BA>F E2 :|
B>d | e2 e<B e2 e<B | d2 d<f D>EF<D | e>gB>e B2 A<d | B>Ad>F E2 :|

Aird’s Airs & Dead Mares…

Dark title, but a fine strathspey from “Aird’s Airs and Melodies” Volume 2. I’ve made one minor adjustment; the “A” part of the tune didn’t have a repeat symbol, but the tune felt way too short without it, so I put one there. Also, I have been terribly amiss in not letting everybody know where to find this stuff; the original transcriptions by Jack Campin (ABC format only) can be found at his homepage:

Also, for those of you not so ABC-literate out there, Richard Robinson’s “TuneBook Live!” site has the tunes in PDF & MIDI formats (unfortunately, he has only put up volumes 1-3; you’ll have to go to Campin’s page for volumes 4-6).

As always, Enjoy!


The Trad Music version of “Telephone” claims another victim!

Nice version, Nigel! A fair amount different from Aird’s, but obviously the same source material- I like them both!