Bunch Of Chickens reel

Also known as A Bunch Of Chickens, Everybody’s Fancy, The Inimitable.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bunch Of Chickens
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DE|G2D2E2D2|B,DGB d2Bd|edBd cBAG|FGAB c3/2 z/2c/2B/2A|
G2D2E2D2|B,DGB d2Bd|edBd cBAG|FDEF G3/2 z/2c/2B/2A|
G2D2E2D2|B,DGB d2d2|edBd cBAG|FGAB c2BA|
G2FG E2D2|B,DGB d2Bd|edBd ABcA|BGAF G4||
Bdde dBAG|Bddb g4|Bdde dBGA|A2AB c2c2|
Bdde dBAG|Bddb g4|Bdde dBGA|A2AF G2G2|
Bdde dBAG|Bddb g4|Bdde dBGA|A2AB c2c2|
Bcde dBAG|Bddb g4|Bdde dBAG|FGAF G2|]

Two comments

A Bunch of Chickens

From the playing of John W Summers, of Phlox, and later Wabash, Indiana. He apparently got it from a friend, Pet Couch, from Windfall, near Phlox.

It also is heard under the name ‘The Inimitable Reel’ and appears as a hornpipe in O’Neill’s 1850 as ‘Everybody’s Fancy’ (No 1769) :

T:Everybody’s Fancy
S:O’Neill’s Music Of Ireland
D2|G2D2 E2(DC)|B,DGB d2(^cd)|edcB cBAG|FGAB cDEF|
G2D2 E2(DC)|B,DGB d2^cd|edcB cBAG|FGAB G2:|
|:d2|(Bd) ze dBAG|(Bd) zd b2g2|(Bd) ze dBAG|FGAB c2(BA)|
(Bd) ze dBAG|(Bd) zd b2g2|(Bd) ze dBAG|FGAB G2:|

I’ve avoided using repeated sections, as Summers played those subtle differences each time round, and I think too much would be lost in standardising each part.