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One setting

X: 1
T: Daorla
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G3 B dG ~G2|dAFA dAFA|G2 BG dGBd|edfa gedB|
G2 BG dGBG|dAFA dAFA|G2 BG dGBd|edfa ({f}~g3) f||
g2 dg bgdg|{a}gdBG FADg|({a}g/f/g) dg bgdB|defa ({f}~g3) f|
g2 dg bgdg|{a}gdBG FADF|G2 BG dGBd|edfa gedB||

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Conal O’Grada: Composer (Who Knew?)

This little gem of a tune comes from the unheralded (to me, anyway) pen of my absolute favorite fluter EVER, Conal O’Grada. I knew the man could play the bejesus out of the flute, but "twould appear he can write a fine tune as well! This is tune #2 in the first set of tunes from the new CD "Millhouse Measures" by the group Raw Bar Collective. The "band" consists of the man himself on flute, Dave Sheridan on fiddle & Benny McCarthy (of Danu fame) on button accordion. As the name of the band suggests, the music does indeed have an undiluted quality about it. Recorded live, it reminds me of one of my other all-time favorite albums, Noel Hill & Tony Mac Mahon’s "At Knocknagree". This is raw, primal DANCE MUSIC at its finest! The tune before it, "Tivoli Capers" (also an O’Grada original) is already posted here:


Any way you slice it, a fun set of tunes to play.



Meaning of tune name

Was just at a concert tonight with O’Grada and Maeve Donnelly. He played this tune and introduced it by saying "Daorla" was a "Cork-ism". He used the word in context, and although I can’t remember what words it’s a combination of, it’s similar to how some people in the US say "ya’ll". Seemed to be a slang contraction of sorts. Was new to me, but maybe it’s common enough in Cork that somebody here can clarify its exact meaning.


Conal played the 2 reels at the tutor’s concert of Hammy Hamilton’s Flute Gathering last year. The "Corkism" example he gave was that you might ask - "Is that my pint. daorla ?"

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Ah, OK, I think it makes more sense now. Thanks.

Re: Daorla

Isn’t this the same melody as Five Mile Chase? Just been listening coincidentally to one then the other. Seems like the same tune to me?