Ed Reavy’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ed Reavy's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
|:^cdAG F2DF|EDCE DEFE|Ddd^c defd|efag e=c3|
^f3a g2ed|^cded =cAGE|D2EG Acde|cAGE EDD2:|
|:EcEG ^FDDA|d3e ^fdAd|g3a ge^ce|aged ^cAGE|
Ddd^c de=fd|AcBd cAGc|AG^FG BcAG|EDCD EDD2:|

Ten comments


I don’t know the name of this tune, but was told it is a reel by Ed Reavy when I learned it. If anyone knows another title, do share!

Certainly not a fan of that F# in bar 5!


..and I think it might have been composed by Martin McGinley, not Ed Reavy

But there’s an F# in measure 5 of the version you linked as well!

That doesn’t mean I like that version and not yours! :D

SmashTheWindows- Haha, understood, though I think the constant changes between F-natural and F-sharp, as well as C-natural and C-sharp give the tune a sense of tonal disorientation, which can make it both interesting and confusing to listen to! Definitely not a traditional tune, but I like the changes. Must just be a matter of personal preference! 🙂

Dr. Dow- Sorry, I was not aware that you had already posted another version of this tune. You say that you got it from a cd of Martin McGinley on Dervish’s "Boys Of Sligo." Is there any way you could post an online link to listen to that recording, as you say it is hard to obtain? It would be interesting to hear and compare, since I learned it from a fiddler I know in Chicago, Devin Shepherd. Thanks!

In Dow’s transcription there is at least an E between the Cnat and F#. It’s the tritone in this one that got me!