One recording of
The Stool Of Repentance
Farewell To Whiskey

The Stool Of Repentance (jig) is also known as The Cuttie Stool, Mary Custy’s, O Stool Of Repentance, The Stool O’ Repentance, The Waddling Gander.

Farewell To Whiskey (polka) is also known as The Farewell To Whiskey, Farewell To Whisky, John McKenna’s, Ladies’ Triumph, My Love Is But A Lassie, Step Dance, Tripping Up The Mountain.

Border Fiddles: Border Traditions Volume 1 by Various Artists

  1. Farewell To Whisky
  2. The Stool O’ Repentance
  3. Scarce O’ Tatties