Bonaparte Crossing The Ala Wai slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bonaparte Crossing The Ala Wai
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A |: "D"D>D(E<"G"G)A/(B/d) "D"d2 "G"e | "D"f>(af)<"A"e(f/e/)"D"d d2 "G"(3(B/d/B/) |
"D"A>(AB)<"G"d(3B/(d/B/)"D"A F2 A | "A"E>(EF)<A(3(E/F/E/)"D"D D2 "G"A :|
|: "D"d>(ef)<a"G"(b/a/)"D"f f2 (g/f/) |1 "A"e>(af)<e(f/e/)"G"d (3(B/d/B/)"D"A(A/"G"B/) :|
[2 "A"e>(af)<e"G"(f/e)<"D"dd/ef ||: [K:G][M:6/8]"G"g>(gf) g>(ag) | "D"f3/2d3/2 A3/2F3/2 |
"G"G>(AB) B/A"D"f/e | f>DD F3/2A3/2 | "G"g>(gf) g>(ab) | "D"a3/2f3/2 d3/2A3/2 |
"C"c>(cB) c>(cB) |1 "A"^c>(cB) c>de :|2 "A"^c(c/B)cd/ea ||

Four comments

Full marks for title originality anyway!! Is that the Ala Wai in Honolulu - long way from the Hills of Coore!

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self composition im assuming? perhaps a little info about inspiration for the interesting title. ffair play……=]

Here, click on Sheet Music and the title appears above the notes - can’t recall seeing this before on tunes on this site?? But doesn’t appear to be anything odd in the ABC text. Who can explain?

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