Two recordings of
Dick Sherlock’s
The Merry Harriers

Dick Sherlock’s (reel) is also known as A Night In Ennis, The Ash Plant No. 2, The Ash Plant, The Ashplant, Bobby Gardiner’s, Cronin’s, Denis Murphy’s Favourite, Dickie Sherlock’s, Dicky Sherlock’s, Jim Kelly’s, John Brennan’s, Matt Molloy’s, The Night In Ennis, Packie Duignan’s, Roger Sherlock’s, Sean McGuire’s, That Night In Ennis, Thatcher’s Mallet, The Tipperary Fancy.

The Merry Harriers (reel) is also known as The Cup Of Tea, The Grouse In The Bog, The Merrier Harriers, The Merry Harrier, Merry Harrier’s.

60th Anniversary Celebration by The Tulla Ceili Band

  1. George Whyte’s Favourite
  2. The Ash Plant
  3. The Merry Harriers
  4. Tear The Calico

The Windy Gap by Laurence Nugent

  1. The Ash Plant
  2. The Merry Harriers
  3. The Galway Rambler