Hopkinson’s Favourite jig

Also known as Hopkinson’s Favorite.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Hopkinson's Favourite
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
dfd f2 d|A2 F F2 A|dfd f2 f|g2 f efe|
dfd f2 d|A2 F F2 A|d2 a agf|gaf e3:|
|:d2 a agf|gab a2 f|d2 a agf|gaf e2 d|
d2 a agf|gab a2 a|bag agf|gaf e3:|

Seven comments

It’s on Bellowhead’s Burlesque album, which is where I got it from. I know precious little about it, anyone know any details?

Thanks for posting this - like this tune on Burlesque a lot!

I think it may come from Cumbria - that’s possibly mentioned in the intro on Bellowhead’s live DVD…, and Bellowhead got it from Magpie Lane (an Oxford-based band of long-standing) IIRC.

On the CD, I hear the tune more as

X: 1
T: Hopkinson’s Favourite
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Dmin
dfd f2 d | A2 F F2 A | dfd f2 f | g2 f efe |
dfd f2 d | A2 F F2 A | d2 a agf | gaf e3 :|
|: d2 a agf | gab a2 f | d2 a agf | gag e3 |
d2 a agf | gab a2 a | bag agf | gaf e3 :|

Couple of minor changes, particularly bar 2 in the A part (F rather than f) and bar7 in the B part. What do you think?

Highly likely that I just made errors, edit time!

Yeah, I’ve been a bit foolish and just misread it (I’ve got it written out in Lilypond)

Sounds good to me. Might get a chance to sit down and learn this properly now - have been meaning to for ages!

Hopkinson’s Favourite

Re the tunes provenance, it is from the Matthew Betham tune book (formerly known as the Docker collection). He lived at Towcett near Shap. The book is now in the VWML at C# House.

Original version from Betham’s tune book

To clarify any issues with transcribing the Bellowhead version above, the tune as written in Betham’s tune book is as follows -

C:Page 34
T:Hopkinson’s Favourite Dance. MBe.67
N:Time signature was written as 2/4 but I’ve changed it to 6/8.
N:There is no key signature written so C assumed. This gives an unexpected sound due to the B natural instead of
N:the expected Bb. Some interpreters have assumed a key of F, and thus the Bb, giving a more ‘conventional’ sound.
N:Others have changed the key to G giving a major sound. Its your choice!
N:NB1-This bar is as written
N:NB2-This note could be written as a ‘g’ but I think it’s an ‘f’ to fit in with the end of the A part.
Z:VMP. Hugh Taylor
A|dfd f2 d|A2 F F2 A|dfd f2 d|“^NB1”g e2 e f2|
dfd f2 d|A2 F FAd|f2 a agf|gfg e2 f:|
d2 a agf|gab a2 f|d2 a agf|g2 e e2 f|
d2 a agf|gab a2 f|bag agf|gfg e2 “^NB2”f:||