Joe’s House reel

By Colin Farrell

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One setting

X: 1
T: Joe's House
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:EFAB A2EF|ABc2 ecB/A/F|EFAB A2EF|ABce f2ec|
B4 B2AB|BABc ecBA|F4 F2EF|1 ABc2 BAFA:|2 ABc2 B2AB||
|:c2Bc A2c2|Bcec effe|c2Bc A2Bc|BAFE A3B|
c2Bc A2c/B/A|Bcec efag|f3a f2ec|1 Bec/B/A BAFE:|2 Bec/B/A BAFA||

Five comments

Joe’s House

An excellent tune written by fiddle player Colin Farrell, from his album “On the Move.”

If you’ve not heard this tune, it’s not one to play too fast. Either very slow, or at a moderate tempo like on the CD. Gorgeous tune, really, probably my favorite one on it.

Brian Finnegan also taught us this tune at Burwell, and plays a slightly different version of it.

For accompaniment, the chords on the album are simple but fitting, basically just A-F#m-E-D all throughout, and work well, though there’s lots more that could be done with it.

Great tune, and a fabulous album all round. Cheers for posting!

My mother was in Florida a couple months back and saw Colin performing at some pub. She brought me back this CD autographed….A great recording

Really grown to love this tune. Thanks for posting Jo

I’ve come to find that when I start to play this tune, it’s quite difficult to stop… Just such a great tune, I can’t get tired of it!