Far Away waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Far Away
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
FA |:"Bm" B3 F Bd |"A" cA F2 FA |"Bm" B3 F Be |"A" c4 dc |"G" B3 GBd|
"A" cAF2 de |"Bm" fed cBA |1 "Bm" B3 A "A" FA :|2 "Bm" B3 c de ||
|:"D" f2 fd fa |"A" ec A2 "(Bm)"de |"D" f2 fdfa |"A" e4 de |
"Bm" fdB "A" ecA | "G" dBG "A" cAF|FA "Bm" B2 "A" A2 |1 "Bm" B3 "A" c de:|2 "Bm" B4 z2||

Four comments

Far Away

"Up, Down and Around" commentary clarified that "Far Away" was composed by Peter Jung.

Is anyone willing and able to edit the ABC of this entry such that "Peter Jung" appears in the "C:" (composer) field?

Years ago, our All Comers Band often ended Montague Grange Hall dances with this waltz which had very quickly become very popular in our area. On two memorable occasions, entirely unexpectedly, its composer (who lived in the Hudson River Valley), walked in just as we were playing his tune!

Re: Far Away

Lovely tune; still, I am wondering why it is listed on thesession. Doesn’t seem to be an Irish tune. Maybe I am wrong.

Re: Far Away

@gilesg - Thesession has loads of tunes from various traditions. Not sure why this is an issue?